Epoxy pools

Who has not wanted to bathe in the sea but without leaving the home swimming pool?

The epoxy is so versatile that you can make an epoxy pool with no problem at all, with the colours you want, with 3D vinyl, with transparencies and lights underneath.

Completely customizable, without and joints or cracks, the epoxy resists 65N per m2 and has a useful life of up to 40 years making the epoxy and ideal material for a pool.

Epoxy is also used for boat construction, whish is resistant to corrosion, supporting prolonged exposure to corrosive chemicals.

Of course you can take advantage of the grisete pool, clean up and refurbish it with epoxy resin, enjoying all the advantages of this material

Leaks in your pool?

Epoxy resin is the best solution to prevent leaks, it also allows you to maintain the gray of your current pool saving costs.

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The Resin

epoxy has many applications

These are some of the applications where we use epoxy resin.