Epoxy bars

As with epoxy countertops, epoxy bar tops are the best choice, especially if you want to suprise customers. Can you imagine a bar with your brande inside 3D or with a led strip inside with ambient lighting?

With the epoxy bars the personalization is totally possible, colors, shapes or thickness are totally tailored to your needs.

Without cracks and without joints, if you have a corner bar, there is always a joining part . With the epoxy that does not happen. You will have a compeltely smoot one-piece bar, as well as being anti-bacterial, it repels dust and is easily cleaned with water and simple soap.

You can serve meals in them, resist to high temperatures, ut to 45º without problem and up to 70º in small prolonged periods.

You can also transform the bar you already have or create a new one from sratch, all tailored to your needs.

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The Resin

epoxy has many applications

These are some of the applications where we use epoxy resin.