epoxy resin flooring

The floor is always one of the most damaged areas of the house, especially a lot of wear and tear and it is not always easy to choose the perfect floor, which matches the decoration of the whole house.

Can you imagine a totally different floor in every room of the house and without any joints?

this is possible thanks to the epoxy floor, a floor with a resistance much superior to any tile on the market. It is totally customizable with colours and designs to measure.

Super easy to clean simple with water and simple soap, anti bacterial and repels dust and moisture. With a life span of up to 40 years. It can withstand prolonged temperatures of up to 45º without problems so you can install underfloor heating.

As the epoxy resin is totally slip-resistant, it complies with European regulations for industrial kitchens and retail premises, including the inspection of PRL (prevention of occupational hazards) so you can enjoy ann epoxy floor in any business without any legal problem.

All this makes epoxy flooring the best option to have a unique, durable and quality floor.

100% legal for business

The epoxy resin, being completely non-slip, complies with the European regulations for industrial kitchens and premises for sale to the public, also including the ORP inspection (occupational risk prevention).

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The Resin

epoxy has many applications

These are some of the applications where we use epoxy resin.