Vinyl 3D flooring

Who has never dreamed of sleeping in the clouds? Or have the Amazon in the lounge.

Or even go to the bathroom and step on the sand.. all this and much more is possible thanks to 3D vinyl floors.

It can be called in two ways, 3D liquid porcelain floor or 3D vinyl flooring but both are the same thing. A vinyl floor coverd with epoxy resin leaving an incredible  and unique floor , the limits are endless….

You can choose between a catalog of more than one million 3D vinyl flooring or even design your own floor, print it  and call us to have your unique 3D vinyl flooring.

3D vinyl flooring is a product that can not only be applied in a new constuction but can be applied on top of the old flooring being stone, marble, stoneware…

Being a good insulator, epoxy is resistante to almost all chemical products, does not accumulate static electricity, is anti bacterial and very easy to clean. Providing a smooth finish thanks to the self-leveling of the epoxy resin with a high gloss, it is also suitable for outdoor floors and is resistant to moisture with no problem what so ever.

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The Resin

epoxy has many applications

These are some of the applications where we use epoxy resin.